Last Will and Testament

Your last will and testament may be the most important legal document you will ever sign.  Having one in place will ensure that the future of your assets is protected.

In this document, you will provide for the disposition of most, if not all, of the assets that you own when you die.  Not only does your last will and testament carry out how you want your assets to be handled, it also gives your loved ones peace of mind knowing that your last wishes are being met.

A last will and testament will also designate your executor.  This is the individual who will be charged with handling and distributing your estate according to your wishes as provided for in your will.  You will want this individual to be someone who you trust and know will handle your affairs based on the instructions you leave behind.

Your last will and testament may include provisions to minimize or avoid death taxes, and in it you may also name “back-up parents” in the event you and your spouse unexpectedly pass while your children are still minors. You may also include a testamentary trust in your last will and testament to make your children’s inheritance “divorce-proof” so there is no opportunity for those assets to become community property of your children’s marriages, which could potentially subject them to partition if a divorce were to take place.

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