Last Will and Testament Package

At the Law Firm of Ryan S. McBride, our process of drafting and executing a last will and testament package is quick, easy, and affordable for our clients.

Our last will and testament package is designed to provide you with the maximum amount of protection in the event that you are physically and/or mentally unable to make decisions about your personal, financial or medical circumstances.

Without having a last will and testament in place, you could run the risk of putting yourself as well as any assets you possess in danger.  Having these documents at your disposal will provide you with the assurance that your health and the well-being of your estate will be handled according to your final wishes.

The package we prepare for you will consist of the following documents (Please click on each item for additional information):

  1. Last Will and Testament. Provides for the disposition of all the assets that one might own at the time of one’s passing.
  2. General Power of Attorney. Authorizes another to act regarding all legal and financial matters in the event of one’s absence or incapacity.
  3. Health Care Power of Attorney. Names the person to make health care decisions if one lacks the capacity to make those decisions on his/her own.
  4. Living Will Declaration. This document sets forth one’s desires regarding end-of-life measures and procedures.
  5. Letter of Last Instruction. Provides a road map for loved ones in the wake of one’s unexpected passing.

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